We have updated our game to more difficult and be longer. I have created 2 other levels to the game to make the game longer. I made another maze and a forest level and the forest will be the last level to the game. The player has to escape through a small hole in one of the corners of the gate in the forest. We’re going to add fog to it to make it harder to see and have a torch for the player to hold. Jasper has made the start screen and it works!!! The play button works and now we added the help option to the start up menu, along with the story of our game. La’Trai made another monster for the second maze and we’ll add both monsters to the final level of the maze to make it even more difficult. A fence was added to the forest level because I didn’t want players to fall off the map and I wanted to create some kind of exit that ends the game. To fulfill that I made a hole in the fence that the player is gonna use to escape. by escaping through the hole the player finishes and wins the game. These changes were made to complicate the game and make it harder for the player to win the game. The fence and start up menu help the player. The startup menu helps the player figure out the controls and the story of our game, while the fence prevents the player from falling out of the map. The fog also makes this more difficult to see and create a sense of uneasiness as the player walks around the forest and mazes.

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