Updates on the game!!

This is the last level of our game.

So we added a new 2 new levels to our maze, which get harder as the player progresses. The last level of our game is a forest, in which the player must find their way out while being chased.

I’m going to change the sound of walking to gravel or grass, because the sound it has now is weird for a forest. I’m also going to add a fence to the scene so players can’t wander around and fall off the map.

The second level is another maze but this time it’s harder for the player to pass. It might have a new monster, maybe? I’m not entirely sure on that. La’Trai just finished the monster. So tomorrow we’ll most likely start coding him to chase the player.

Jasper has been working on the Gantt Chart and has being making updates to it as we go along. Terek’s been using what the Viz-lab students taught him. Like how we can just import assets from the asset store to improve our game instead of coding things. Even though we may use coding for something else.

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