Video Discussion

Ok so basically what they’re saying is that the first game you make has to be functional. I doesn’t have to be something amazing. KEEP IT SIMPLE! Have a prototype ready to make adjustments to the game.

Don’t go into your first game on a specific idea. Go from what you know how to do and go from there. Works on something small to be able to break it down. Don’t plan a project that you think will take you a month! Don’t worry to much about the design of your first game. build something that you think you can. Don’t make it too complex.

Set milestones! break those milestones into smaller parts to make things easier for yourself. Having a granular task list kill make you fell like your accomplishing a lot. Make people play your game. Make adjustments from their feedback.

Send yourself a producer email. Tell yourself what you’;re going to do this week and what you did last week. Don’t spend to long on a issue in your game. It will take over and you won’t have time to do anything else.

The first thing we need to do is understand our message in our game. Understanding what will draw people to play our game. Trailers for games can help market a game, and a website too. Simple and professional is better than complex and amateur.

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