Unity tutorials

Today we started learning about unity. Unity is another program some game developers use to create games. In the 5 lessons we did I learned many things about unity.

In the first module of unity i learned about the basics. The game view and the scenes. The top view is where you can adjust components and objects. The game view is where developers can play the game to review it and make sure it’s playable. 

The second module talks about game components and giving it rigid bodies. The game components are basically object that the player can interact with. In the tutorial during the level I had to make two boxes that were just sitting there into rigid bodies so the player could interact with them. 

In the third module I got to learn about the values objects have. I also got to learn more about AI and what they can do. The AI in the level I was playing the player couldn’t pass the level because the enemy was to fast. So I had to change the speed of the enemy and got to learn what NavMeshAgent is. NavMeshAgent is s components that can be assigned to an object and uses AI to find its way around the environment. I also learned you can build your own code to add special components in the game.

In the last module we got to learn about the PreFab and the project window. The project window shows all the files that are being used in the game. A Prefab is a template gameobject that we can make copies of. Since its a type of Prefab we can find it in the Project window. You can drag a prefab from the project window into the hierarchy window to create it and turn it into a gameobject. 

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