Autonomous Vehicles


Autonomous Vehicles are new to technology. We’ve seen them in all sorts of movies. In ATM they’re being built and tested on campus. The autonomous vehicle has many different components to it that help the car “see” or function. The radar on the car help the car “see”. It maps the streets and it’s surroundings. The radar tells the car whether there something or someone in front of it. It also informs the car of inanimate objects. The video camera and the lidar work in similar ways to the radar. The video camera records and reads traffic lights. This tells the car whether it can go or if it should stop. The lidar is almost like a camera except its a 360 degree view of it’s surroundings. It maps it’s surroundings and tells the car where to turn and things like that. The GPS on the car obviously marks the car location and tells it where to go. The V1 and V2 communication devices communicate with other autonomous vehicles and with other cars. This ensures that there aren’t any accidents with other vehicles. The odometer and ultra Sonic work in a similar way. The odometer obviously measures speed and distance of the car. The ultra Sonic are sensor that sense at low speeds.

Cyber security on the autonomous vehicles is very important for the safety of other drivers. If an autonomous vehicle got hacked it would end horribly for anyone in it’s path. Imagine a rouge car on the loose running people over or crashing into buildings. That would be Chaos and we’d see it all over the news. The autonomous vehicles are dangerous either way but even more so if they’re hacked.

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