C#, Javascript, and other coding languages

Coding languages are the core reason why we have so many things on the internet, websites, games, apps and etc.

C# is an advance version of c++. With this being said C++ are different in many ways. First C# is a new version of C++, it was created in the 1980s. C++ is a more prestigious language and harder to work with especially with video games, operating system and low-level programming. Another difference is that c++ can be coded in any platform while c# is targeted for Windows. C++ can code almost everything and that’s if the syntax is right. Meanwhile c# gives the person error message to ensure no errors are made.

Now c# and python are two very different coding languages. Python is an open-sourced programming language used for websites such as youtube, reddit, pinterest and instagram. Its one of the most popular languages. Meanwhile C# was created by microsoft for microsoft. Python also has a fast development time than c#. Another importnat factor about c# and python is that python is free compared to C#.

C# and Java are also two programs used for coding. Java is a general-purpose programming language and is b=class based. C# is a generic and component-oriented programming language. Java is a program that can be write once and run in any program. C# is easy to use for web and gaming development, while java is a complex program and can proceed without waiting for anything else to complete.

Html is a tag language which is for a public part of any site. The language is in the form of text and easy to use and learn. C# allows users to address items to the database. HTML is only used for web sites, c# is used for gaming and programs. HTML allows users to change items in websites, and c# allows users to create a program or simple things in Microsoft.

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