Documentation in Game Design

1. Funding agencies (publishers and others) want design documents as evidence that the designer knows what he’s doing.

I agree with this statement because if someone doesn’t have a plan in mind it can end horribly for the company. If a company gave a job to someone who has no idea what he’s doing the company will end up loosing a lot of money and time trying to figure out what they should be doing. Plus have a document ready is much more beneficial to you and the company because this will show them that you have a plan/idea and mind and all you need is a team or someone to execute it. It also helps the team and company have a visual on many things; genre, targeted audience, level design, characters, story, etc.

2. Design documents are sometimes the basis for contractual obligations.

I agree with this statement because when you have a base down for what you wanna do you can become more confident in what your doing compared to not having a plan. Plus having a document in hand and ready gives people and the company a base to go off of and to have deadlines ready for everything. Plus some employers may want certain characteristics from someone.

3. Design documents communicate your intentions to the rest of the team, and let them plan their tasks.

I completely agree with this statement. The whole point of writing a document is so that you can relay information to others. This will give everyone something to work on. Especially if you have a big group to help create things. This will make the game designing part easier and will make sure deadlines are met and reached.

4. Design documents turn generalities into particulars.

I agree very strongly with this statement. With everyone being good at different things everyone has their own unique skills to be used for a project. For example if you’re good with drawing you would be in the design team helping other create a world, or characters, weapons and things like that. With the design documents companies can already have an idea of what you’re good at and what you wanna/like to do.

5. Design documents are a record of decisions made; they create a paper trail.

I agree and disagree with this statement because it won’t show the entire story. It’ll show one side of the story and can make someone seem more or less qualified to do something. Although I do agree with the fact that documents show the history of a employee. Another reason why agree with this statement is because of the previous statement everyone has their own unique abilities and documentations show what someone is unique at and how they got to where they are right now.

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