How Cybersecurity connects with AR and VR

With VR and AR improving every year to be more realistic companies will have to be careful about hackers. With VR the headset collects information about your eyes, head, reaction and etc. Companies will need to provide a place to keep all this information from hackers and others. Cybersecurity plays a part in AR and VR because companies need to protect their users from hackers that manipulate information or the game, making you think you’ve done something wrong. For example a VR headset covers your entire head, which means you’re technically blind. Hackers can hack into the headset can cause harm to the user by making them dizzy, or cause nausea. Companies need to worry about these problems because they’re company could loose many many users due to a hack happening. I know in Pokemon go people can hack into it and change their location to say there somewhere else or can give themselves infinite poke-balls. Of course those would be harmless example, but non-less its still a problem.

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