Pokemon Game Review

So Wednesday my class went outside and played Pokemon go. Pokemon Go is a Augmented reality game that allows players to catch Pokemon as if they were standing and/or floating right in front of you. Pokemon Go is a simpler version of the Nintendo games. You basically run around town, catching Pokemon, battling gyms and getting Pokestops. The pokestops help players obtain Pokeballs, revives, potions, raid passes, eggs, and etc. Gym’s are places where players can claim a gym for their team; Instinct, Valor and Mystique. The Gyms give players coins and experience for claiming and keeping the gym, until you get knocked out by another team. There was 1 gym during our walk around the park. Ms. Rife kept taking the gym and wouldn’t let me claim it though. >:# Upsetti spaghetti. Anyways there were quite a lot of pokestops around and so I got a lot of pokeballs, revives, and potions. The AR on my phone doesn’t work becausde the app can’t find my phone’s orientation. ;-; true tears. Besides the fact that it was super humid outside i really enjoyed the time outside spinning pokestops. Especially because I don’t go out to get any….. or oustide in general. I never leave my house. pokemon go

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