Password Security and Ocean’s 8

The video we watched is from a scene in Ocean’s 8. It’s where Nineball sent a phishing email to hack into someones computer. Nineball is a hacker that uses phishing emails in order to download a virus and hack someone’s files.

This video is semi-realistic. I mean yeah people can hack into computers using phishing emails. Phishing emails usually try to imitate companies and take you to “trusted” sites. In reality they’re just trying to get your information to commit fraud. There are also devices kind of like the one Nineball uses in the movie, except some can be online. These devices can hack and guess anyone’s password, with exceptions of course. here are a few way’s to keep your information safe from hackers.

  • Use Special characters, numbers and uppercase letters in your password
  • Change your password often.
  • Don’t write your password where someone can find it.

Also here are a few tips on how to spot a phishing email.

  • If the email has anything to do with your personal information
  • If the email has a link
  • If the username is shown in the email.
  • Does it look like an official email?

How to protect yourself from a phishing email scam.

  1.  Don’t click on links in emails.
  2. Be very careful when opening emails with attachments
  3. Use a trusted security software to detect malware and phishing email. Also make sure it updates automatically.

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