MDA Framework

The MDA frameworks are a bunch of methods on what a game should have. They’re a bunch of rules that most games have. MDA stands for Mechanics, Dynamics, and Aesthetics. Mechanics are the rules of the game. The Dynamics of a game is basically how the game interacts with the character. The Aesthetics of a game are how the game connects with a player emotionally, and there are 8 rules of aesthetics:¬†Sensation, Fantasy, Narrative, Challenge, Fellowship, Discovery, Expression, Submission. The MDA is important to the design of games because that’s why people play a game. I think that without the MDA a game would be pointless and have no creativity. I’d be just a straight line, that’s boring. What gamers and people are interested in is somethings that’s colorful, has challenges and gives rewards for completing said challenges. I think these methods are good for beginning game designer and just designers in general. These rules will help designers create a game that’s entertaining and has something to make it challenging. The MDA will help designers with certain things to and to ask questions about their game. Is it entertaining? How hard are the challenges? Could it be more challenging? Does it engage with the player? These types of questions helps developers and designers improve their game before they release it or after.

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