File and Time Management in Game Design

Time and File management is very important in game design. Without time management you wouldn’t have deadline or even a game. Time management is super important because without it you would take longer than needed to complete and meet deadlines. The absence of a schedule and deadlines can cause chaos and it can be difficult to foresee the result. Time management also helps create order and progress in projects. You can also create and get more things done if you set certain deadlines and goals for the projects. Ah Yes. Stress. When you time manage things it reduces the amount of stress you can get. File Management is also important because it helps game designers find and organize their game and other things. File management can be used in game design by making a Design Document. The whole purpose of the design document is to give everyone something to do so that way everyone has something to work on and to keep others from doing other things that they shouldn’t do.




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