My dream Bedroom

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I just finished texturing and lighting my room. :/ It looks okay its super duper pink and I’m just done like I didn’t want to change it either so now it’s my aesthetic? I have no clue anymore I’m kind of just askdjholak. I really like the bedsheets and the way the room is designed. It’s so pretty (^w^). The hardest thing is the freakin texture. UGH! I hate the textures because there are so many little items and things that need textures individually and its just so Ugh. The best part of this project and probably the easiest was lighting the room. That took less than 2 hours to light the room the way I wanted it. This project was definitely the most infuriating and most confusing project I’ve done so far. When I tried texturing the soda bottle It wouldn’t texture the label it would just turn white and I’m just like WHY?! I definitely would change a lot of things about my room. I would change the background of my room, fix some of the missing textures, rearrange some things, change some lighting to make it look better and a few other things too.

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